Defense Ministry confirms the deaths of eight servicemen (UPDATED)

In the afternoon on August 1   the press Service of the Ministry of Defense confirmed the death  of eight soldiers  in the north of Karabakh at night on Friday. Without disclosing the names and details, press office acknowledged such large losses. Earlier, the same source reported the Armenian sabotage attempt at the junction of Agdam and Tartar regions, which was prevented. The situation in the western border also aggravated, and there is also dead soldier. In connection with these losses  the Party "Umid" issued an appeal to declare the country in mourning.  Some  MPs called  TV channels to stop entertainment programs. -03В-

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2014 August 01 (Friday) 14:09:13

The Ministry of Defense has not yet specified the number of casualties of the Azerbaijani side during the night clashes in northern Karabakh.

Meanwhile pro-government media present the list of 9 servicemen killed in Karabakh last night.

The Ministry of Defense does not deny these reports, but does not confirm them either. -06D -

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2014 August 01 (Thursday) 10:58:14

In the night of August 1 an Armenian sabotage group attempted to cross the front line at the junction of the Agdam and Tartar districts. Thanks to the vigilance of the Azerbaijani military, penetration of the Armenians was suppressed. After an intense firefight the Armenians retreated, suffering heavy losses, the press service of the Defense Ministry stated. The Azerbaijani side also suffered losses. The press-service of the Defense Ministry reported the death of a soldier Garyagdy Askerov in this sector as a result of sniper fire.

The press service also said that on July 31 there was a fight at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Gazakh district, in which Ensign Isa Almazov was killed.

According to Armenian sources, the situation was just the opposite, and the attack on the position of the Armenians was committed by Azerbaijanis. Two Armenian military men were killed. -03D04-

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