In Saatly, the opposition is not allowed to play a wedding

Baku/22.04.19/Turan: In the Saatli region, opposition activist Ruslan Nasirli was not allowed to hold a wedding with the daughter of the local branch of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Shamil Hajibeyli at the local Khayal festivities.

"The wedding was planned, but at the last moment the ceremony was canceled from the Palace of Celebrations. At the same time, they referred to the instructions of the head of the district, Syrageddin Jabbarov.

Moreover, they demanded that our parents dissolve the marriage. Of course, this requirement was ignored and we were forced to celebrate the wedding in the courtyard," said Nasirli. He called the actions of the local authorities a shame.

In turn, an assistant to the head of the Saatly region called Zaur told Turan that such statements do not correspond to reality.

"The restaurant is a private structure and the executive cannot interfere in its activities. There was nothing like that," the official said.

It should be noted that Ruslan Nasirli was a defendant in the so-called criminal case "on illegal financing" of the PFPA and was conditionally convicted. -21B--

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