Kyrgyz refrigerators burned in Azerbaijan

At 4:20 am on April 3, there was a fire on a train at the railway station Atbulag (70 km west of Baku).

As Turan reported, referring to the press service of Azerbaijan Railways, there burned manufactured goods being shipped from Georgia to Kyrgyzstan.

The fire engulfed four cars, in which there were household refrigerators.

According to Press Secretary Nadir Mammadov, the fire was caused by a storm, which tore the roof of one of the cars. The torn roof closed the high-voltage power line, causing inflammation. Arriving firefighters were able to stop the fire spreading to other cars.

There were no injuries.

Some time later, traffic on the road was restored. The burned cars are owned by the Georgian Railway. Today we expect the arrival of representatives of Georgia, which will hold their own investigation. It is unclear if the cargo was insured and who will cover the costs for the damage. -03B-


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