Man Convicted of Misappropriation of 73 Million Manat Released Early

Baku / 03/15/19/ Turan: The former head of the administration of the Ministry of Communications Vidadi Zeynalov was released from prison today due to the completion of the 4/5 part of the sentence.

He was arrested in November 2015 and sentenced to 13 years in prison for embezzling 73 million manat, misappropriation and abuse of office. Subsequently, the appellate court reduced the sentence to 4 years in prison. At the same time, five other high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Communications were released conditionally.

Today's release of Zeynalov caused a sharp reaction in social networks. Thus, the head of the PFPA press service, Natig Adilov, noted that Zeynalov convicted for 13 years for appropriating 73 million manat is already free, while fighters against corruption are in prisons.

The leader of the PFPA, Ali Kerimli, in turn, wonders if the government that liberated Zeynalov can fight corruption. He sees this as evidence of the protection of Zeynalov at the highest level.

The journalist Natig Javadli notes that Zeynalov"s term of imprisonment was reduced from 13 to 4 years, and then he was released, and the human rights activist Aliabbas Rustamov, who still has to spend 1.2 years in prison, and the journalist Seymour Hazy, who still has to spend less than six months in jail, are not released.

"Injustice reigns in Azerbaijan, there is no court, everything is decided by one person," writes Javadli. -03B-

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