Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

International Children's Day, reflection on the society of Azerbaijan, unemployment statistics, and “talk about the coronavirus pandemic” are the topics of today's media.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan recalls that the International Children's Day was established by the UN on June 1, 1950, at the same time a convention on children's rights was adopted.

Azerbaijan joined this convention after gaining independence. Today in the country there are over 600 clinics, outpatient clinics and children's departments serving children, and there are numerous sports sections. During the Karabakh war, more than 1,000 children died.

The Azadlıqinfo website cites experts' opinions that the country does not invest in the necessary areas, but at the same time, officials squander millions of funds. Azerbaijan does not invest in science and technology, 30 years behind civilized countries. It is necessary to invest in these areas, and not spend them on opening unnecessary propaganda objects.

The website Moderator.az considers it necessary to clarify statistics on the number of unemployed in the country. It arose after the registration of unemployed during the quarantine regime to issue compensation. Payments were addressed to 600 thousand people, but this figure is not final. Experts suggest reconsidering and preparing statistics on the number of unemployed.

The website Yeni Sabah.az discusses with the deputy Razi Nurullayev the situation with the coronavirus and rumors in this regard. It is said that people are offered 3-5 thousand manats for indicating the cause of death as coronavirus and its consequences.

The attitude to wearing medical masks is also ambiguous. He explains the reluctance to wear masks with the disbelief in coronavirus. Why isn’t pandemic death information specific to people’s names and addresses?


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