Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The situation with the coronavirus in the country, democratic values ​​against the backdrop of the pandemic, proposals for the fight against the pandemic are the topics of today's media.

Warning on the possibility of creating closed areas

The official newspaper “Azerbaijan” writes that territories where coronavirus is more common can become closed zones and the quarantine regime can be strengthened there.

Next week, a decision is expected on domestic flights. At the same time, until June 15, the ban on leaving and entering the country and opening borders was extended.

As for international flights, then for their restoration mutual recognition of coronavirus testing documents is required.

Democratic values ​​amid a pandemic

Müsavat.com Website In democratic and semi-democratic countries, the opposition has insistently demanded a quarantine regime. The author believes that in these countries the application of the quarantine regime was considered as part of the political struggle for power.

On May 28, the number of infected people worldwide amounted to 5 million 807 thousand 166 people, and 360 thousand 300 people died.

However, countries are quarantining, although there are no drugs or vaccines against the virus yet. The world began to understand that the collapse of the economy could lead to a crisis of governments. Therefore, in a pandemic, democracy plays both a positive and a negative role.

The question "what to do" from the professor

Yeniavaz.com discusses the fight against the pandemic with Professor Adil Geybulla. He believes that there are two ways: either toughening the quarantine, or go to collective immunity, that is, 70% of the population must be infected with coronavius ​​in order to achieve immunity.

In this case, the virus will gradually disappear, but this is associated with serious losses. The professor notes that there is a significant increase in the dynamics of infection. Lethal cases are at least gradually increasing. It would be unbearable to apply quarantine in the summer months, at the same time, a trip to the regions of the country makes the epidemic transfer intense.


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