Monitoring Center of Political Prisoners established

"Centre for Monitoring Political Prisoners" (CMPP) has been established, according to a founder and a head of the new NGO, the coordinator of the alliance "Azerbaijan without political prisoners" Elshan Hasanov. In addition to Hasanov, the founders of the new NGOs have Mehdi Shamili, Tural Abbasli, Ahad Mammadov and Rufat Hajibeyli. Hasanov said that NGOs will monitor the situation with political prisoners, their conditions of detention and treatment of detainees. In the coming days the Union will submit documents for registration in the Ministry of Justice. The other founder of the CMPP Tural Abbasli told that the necessity of the need for the establishment of the NGOs is due to associated the recent arrests of the leading defenders of the country, which has paralyzed the activities of several NGOs.

Unlike the Alliance "Azerbaijan without political prisoners" which acts as a collection of about 20 former political prisoners, and has no working bodies, the CMPP will act as a classic NGOs. At the same time, the activities of the Alliance "Azerbaijan without political prisoners" will continue.--06D--

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