None of the hotel guests was hurt as a result of the breakage on the cable car (UPDATED)

Baku / 09.07.18 / Turan: The accident on the cable car resulted in a death of one person, occurred at the Quba Palace Hotel in Guba region. It became known Turan from local sources, the ropeway was inactive, and repair works were ongong. Suddenly, the rope broke a worker RuzgarMamedov, a resident of the village of Amsar in Guba region died from a severe blow on the spot.Other affected persons who were repairing the road, are also residents of the village of Amsar. None of the hotel guests was hurt. -0--

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2018 July 09 (Monday) 14:35:11

One Died as Result of Cable Car's Cable Breakage in Mountainous Hotel

Baku / 09.07.18 / Turan: As a result of a cable breakage in a cable car in a mountainous hotel in the Guba region in the north of Azerbaijan, one was killed and four were injured. The accident occurred on Monday around noon.

The wounded were taken to the central district hospital. Information from local sources was confirmed to Turan in the district police and the prosecutor's office. The leadership of the local law enforcement agencies left for the scene. An investigation is underway. -06D--

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