Openness of government online resources - 39%

Information transparency  of online resources of state institutions in Azerbaijan in 2013 was 39% (in 2012 - 33.5 %) and local executive bodies - 14% ( in 2012 - 7%.)
These are the results of monitoring  by Multimedia Center, which ran from 1 June 2013 to February 2014.
At the presentation on Tuesday , it was reported that the monitoring covered 67 official internet resources executive authorities, without affecting the municipal authorities.   Highest information transparency was 65% , the lowest - 16%. Information openness  in the Ministry of Taxes was 74% . In the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Defense , the State Commission  of Missing People  was 13%.

The highest  position among executive authorities took Binagadi  district of Baku  with openness to 22.5 %, and the lowest – Khizi region  - 5.5%.

Low rate of information transparency  is applied to the  budget line item, tender, and  staff salaries.

The Head of the Multimedia, Osman Gunduz, said that  first of all, citizens must  know in what areas  the state structure provides electronic services. He reminded the statement of the head of state that the 428 service areas should provide electronic services; 120 of them are particularly important areas , but only  18 electronic services were created there.

Nine years  passed since the adoption of the Law on Information Ombudsman, however, such an institution has not been  created, and  no funds have been allocated from the state budget.

Experts believe that the creation of electronic services for public and social and mass services must be a priority. For example , the police  takes away citizen’s car  from the street in an unknown direction. Citizen for a long time can not find  his car, although a car owner must be  informed within five minutes, said Gunduz.

The Head of Azerbaijan Transparency Azerbaijan, Rena Safaralieva, noted that the Ministry of Justice has a registry of grants, however , NGOs are forced to register the grant.

According to Executive Director of the Fund to Fight  Corruption, Vasif Movsumov, , there is  high level of corruption under weak information transparency. -03C04-  

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