Photo TURAN.

Photo TURAN.

Baku/22.06.22/Turan: A group of women believers tried to hold a protest in front of the Presidential administration on Wednesday morning. They demanded to punish law enforcement officers who had insulted Allah during the questioning of a group of detained believers on May 20.

However, te police blocked their way at Icheri-sheher metro station, where the participants had gathered to march together towards the administration of the head of state.

A police officer urged the women to send delegates to the reception office of the Presidential administration in the Narimanov district. At the same time, he said that "the information about insulting Allah is a fake".

This did not satisfy the protesters, who resented the claim that the police did not insult the name of Allah.

"For almost three weeks our brothers in prison have been on hunger strike, but there has been no reaction. We've already been to the Presidential administration's emergency room but there's no result either," said one of the protesters.

Another woman said that "if the authorities want to achieve the unity of the state and religion, they must release all the innocently arrested believers."

"My son has been starving in jail for 19 days now. His fever is not going down. He is very sick. Let them punish those who insulted Allah and our sons stop the hunger strike," said the mother of the leader of the Muslim Unity Movement Tale Bagirzadeh, who first started the hunger strike to demand punishment for blasphemers.

The police drove the protesters inside the Icheri-sheher metro station. From there, the women went to the reception office of the Presidential administration in Narimanov district.

Recall that Tale Bagirzadeh began a hunger strike on June 3, protesting against the insult of Allah by the security forces during the interrogation of believers. The hunger strike was supported by more than a dozen prisoners in jail and a number of individuals at large.

The Interior Ministry denies the fact that the police insulted Allah and called the allegations a lie.-06B-

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