Press Review 04/28/2017

The role of the contract of the century in the development of the country, fraud in the property market, the fate of the manat in the coming months, and systemic corruption are the leading topics of today's press.

Azerbaijan writes about the role of the "contract of the century" in the development of the country. The author makes an excursion into the past at the time of signing this contract, telling about its meaning and results. From the beginning of the contract until the end of 2016, 416 million tons of oil and 128 billion cubic meters of gas were produced.

Echo has published an article on fraud in the real estate market. In order not to become a victim of scammers when buying real estate, you need to get maximum information about the company-builder if this apartment is in a building under construction. To date, the most common fraud in the real estate market in Azerbaijan is the sale of the same property to several buyers. Another deception is the promises of developers that have not been fulfilled.

Therefore, it is necessary to insist on execution of documents through a notary.

Yeni Musavat claims that by the end of the year the dollar will rise in price, referring to the opinions of experts. According to them, the reason for the rise in price is the restrictions on cash turnover and problems with budget expenditures.

Novoye Vremya has published an article on corruption in the highest institutions of power, which erodes the foundations of society and makes positive changes in the country impossible.

As for the policy of the authorities, the slogans about fighting corruption are nothing more than words, while in reality nothing changes. -0--

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