Press Review 08.23.14

Official newspapers writes about Ilham Aliyev’s meeting with the  U.S. Commander of Transport, on awarding employees of the Special State Protection Service orders and medals.

"Azerbaijan" newspaper continues to publish accusations against Leyla Yunus " of high treason."

The newspaper "Azadlig" writes about a fact of brutal beating in Nakhchivan a human rights defender and journalist Ilgar Nasibov. The paper interprets this as "unprecedented barbarianism in Nakhchivan."

"Amnesty International" issued a statement in connection with the use of torture against Murad Adilov,  brother of Natig Adilov the employees of "Azadlig" newspaper.

The paper draws attention to the rise in food prices and reports of an impending price increase for meat and eggs.

Experts believe that Western leaders may boycott the European Games in Baku, as it was at the Sochi Olympics.

The company "Coca-Cola" confirmed that some of the stores in Baku refused its products.

Experts commenting on the participation of the Ukrainian president’s son in military operations against the separatists, note that children of  Azerbaijani officials do not serve in the army at all.


Experts believe that sanction of the West and Russia will lead to increased exports of agricultural products from Azerbaijan to Russia, which will cause a rise in prices on the domestic market.

"New time": Armenia did not accept an offer to exchange the Armenian family of 5 people and the body of the deceased Armenian  with the two Azerbaijanis captured in Kelbajar and another killed Azerbaijani.

"Bizim Yol": experts express concern about the increase in suicides, and believe that  such situation entails a "social explosion".

"Yeni Musavat" draws attention to the appeal of  Huffer, the United States ambassador in Yerevan, to the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia in connection with the preparation by the Kremlin a provocation in Karabakh.

Experts believe that the embargo of the West against Russia would harm the economic interests of Azerbaijan, in particular, assets  of the Oil Fund will  depreciate.-0-

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