Prosecutor�s Office Issues Warning to Editor-in-chief

Baku / 17.05.17 / Turan: Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan issued a warning to the Internet portal The Prosecutor General's Office spread the message about this.

The report says the news portal at various times published materials that violated the law on state secrets, as well as articles of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedural Code.

In this Internet resource, "untrue information, not specified, not based on official information of state bodies, and constituting the state secret was made public. The illegal dissemination of preliminary investigation information was illegally allowed in the materials of the portal."

The Prosecutor's Office notes that in connection with this, the editor-in-chief of the portal Azer Talybov was invited to the Prosecutor General's Office.

In accordance with the law On the Prosecutor's Office, the editor-in-chief was warned about the non-distribution of information without clarifying it with the press service of state bodies. He was asked to stop the illegal dissemination of information containing state secrets. Otherwise, more serious measures will be taken.

The Prosecutor General's Office often makes such warnings to journalists and media. Most experts regard this as interference in the professional activities of journalists. According to experts, this forces journalists to move away from objective coverage of what is happening. -0--

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