Refugee from Zangilan Brought to Self-immolation by Policeman, Relative Says

The self-immolation of a refugee from Zangilan, taxi driver Magsad Suleymanov, was a result of police harassment. Turan was told by the cousin of the deceased Zahid Aliyev.

According to him, Suleymanov carried passengers in the area of ​​Sumgait at night. Taxis carry passengers for 1-2 manat per person. A sergeant of post patrol service Ramil Suleymanov extorted money from him by threatening to ban him from working.

"However Magsad earned very little and also had to repay the loan for the car. Two months ago Ramil arrested Magsad for two days. Because of police harassment Magsad had to sell the car and start work in the market.

But now the trade is difficult, so he again tried to work in a taxi. He did not have other sources of income or help. However, Ramil it again began to oppress him. That night Magsad was detained and taken to the 4th police station of Sumgait, where he was fined 51 manats.

When Magsad returned, Ramil, referring to other taxi drivers, said he did not want to pay AZN 1 and now he had to pay AZN 51. That made too bad an effect on Magsad and he poured over himself with gasoline and burned himself right there. Ramil did not even try to put the fire out," said the brother of the deceased taxi driver.

Suleymanov had two children. The Zangelan district authorities provided support to the family, but the relatives demand punishment of the policeman for incitement to suicide.

The Sumgait Prosecutor told Turan that a criminal case was initiated under article 125 (bringing to suicide), but refrained from further comment. -06B-

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