The Committee to Protect Civil Society (CPCS) regrets the lack of an amnesty in connection with Gurban Bayram

The Committee to Protect Civil Society (CPCS) held a regular meeting on Friday to discuss the current issues and problems of political prisoners. The Committee expressed concern with the  lack of progress in investigating the murder of journalist Rasim Aliyev, despite  40 days past once his death.  The participants called unacceptable the continued pressure on freedom of speech in Azerbaijan, condemned the detention  of reporters - Aytaj Ahmedova, Isolda Agayeva cooperating with “Meydan TV” , and the arrest of  Shirin  Abbasov for 30 days. The Committee regretted that the authorities did not declare amnesty on the eve of sacred holiday Kurban Bayram.

It was decided to hold  a series of activities in order to facilitate the regime of detention of political prisoners within the framework of the law. In particular,  it was decided to examine  the Article 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which demands  from the state  trusteeship of family members  deprived of liberty of the breadwinner, and obtain its execution.

* The CPCS brings together civil society activists, human rights defenders and journalists.—0--

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