The fire at the shopping center Sahil injured five people (video)

The fire in the shopping center Sahil has been extinguished. The fire burned a significant portion of retail space on the second and third floors of the building .

As told the Chief Doctor of the Baku City Station of Emergency Medical Aid, Mursal Hamidov, the fire injured five people , including three people poisoned by the combustion products, a fellow from MOE, who was injured, and another person watching over the fire, who fainted.

The causes of fire are not reported.
However, according to employees of the shopping center Sahil, the fire occurred in the morning when one of the cleaning ladies turned on the light in the room.

The fire started before the opening of the shops and because of this few people were in the shopping center at the moment.

Tenants of the stores are in a depressed state since they lost goods totaling tens of thousands of AZN in the fire. However, many objects were not insured. -06c -

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Around 10 o'clock in the morning there was a large fire on the second floor of the mall Sahil, which is over the subway station of the same name. Within half an hour the fire spread to four stores , although firefighters arrived at the scene a few minutes later .

According to witnesses , the fire originated on one of the stores because of a short circuit.

Smoke started to fell from one window, but before it was extinguished , the fire spread to other shops in the neighborhood and around the floor. Several fire brigades fought the fire for a long time , but it was ineffective.

Fire authorities and MOE arrived at the scene.

On the upper floor there are many people who are worried about the situation and were afraid to go.

We note that the apartments in this building are among the most expensive in Baku. The owners of the burnt shops were caused enormous damage and many of them tried to break inside and so they arose clashes with police. On the scene there is a crowd of several hundred people and a rapid response police regiment of Baku.

The fire was quenched about 11:00, but the smoke continued for some time.

As reported by Turan from the MOE, there were no injuries . MOE also confirmed that the preliminary cause of the fire was a short circuit in the electrical network . - 02B -



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