Increased demand for building materials of "grandfather" production

BAKU/12.03.14/TURAN : "Frozen" in December, the prices of construction materials , mainly , not thawed and in February in anticipation of the spring construction and repair work . However, demand has increased by 10% in comparison with January, so that the rise in prices in this segment is not far off .

On revival influenced by two factors - the next wave of immigrants from the periphery and the construction of sports facilities and infrastructure to the First European Olympics. In addition, the population has mastered with artificial consumer inflation caused by higher rates for excise goods.

Buyers of the materials firmly assimilated the term "grandfather" in relation to the brick, cube and fittings - preference is given to products of small enterprises producing small batches in compliance with "Soviet" technologies. If you have used to take that , but cheap , are now trying to be rebuilt thoroughly.

Manufacturers have responded to the trend, and the beginning of March refractory standard brick (13X29X19) was offered not at 30, but at 35 kopecks. Brick of a smaller size (8.5 - 13X19X19) also offer a 5 kopecks expensive - not 20, but 25 kopecks. But there is no demand for more costly products yet.

Local fittings (manufacturer - Baku Steel Company) are from 720 to 730 manat per ton. Ukrainian fittings are expensive - up to 800 manats , depending on the diameter. The hottest rock - cube - Garadag quarries for two months in the retail sale for 90 kopecks, and even 1 manat apiece. Gyuzdek stone cube - worth 70 kopecks, regional product implemented on the ground as low as 60 to 80 kopecks.

An interesting variation is in prices for cement. Quality cement local Qaradagh M400 is sold for 6.5 manat without delivery, and the same Turkish cement Kars is 8.5 manats.

According to the results of monitoring carried out on the building materials market in February , compared with January , the demand for wood flooring , slate , tile and flooring. This means that they are to rise in March , as well as insulating materials, paints Turkish , Russian and Ukrainian producers. While yet due to cheapness increasingly snapping up local goods - their market share is nearly two-thirds - 63%.

Vendors working on the building materials market, promise that prices will rise , and associate it with a universal rise in price . "The market is linked, because food inflation will affect the building materials," they say.

Many sellers do not hide that "planted" on this position for interest owners of large distribution companies subordinated to the officials monopoly . By their admission, this position is safe conduct of the inspection bodies who do not take bribes they laid up fees .

In February, there is also stability in the building materials market , major changes are projected only to the Novruz Holiday. - 17D-

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