The number of suicides among adolescents has increased

Women's Crisis Center held on Friday held a press conference on suicide among teenagers.

     Psychologist Azad Isazadeh noted that in recent years, such cases have become frequent. So, during the week there has been at least 5 of these facts.
 According to him, the biggest group of adolescents risk for suicide. Among the reasons - the problems of financial, social, intra-family, medical and personal nature. In addition, climate change, increased solar activity also contribute to suicide.
  The accumulated aggression in society contributes to the fact that teenagers see events only in the "black" and "white" color.
   However, the most common causes of teen suicide are love, failures in education, insulting the honor and dignity.
  Isazadeh noted that during the entrance exams are also an increasing number of suicides. Every year, in April and May, the number of appeals to the young psychologists increases. During this period, parents need to be especially attentive to their children.
    Human rights activist and head of the Crisis Center Matanat Azizova noted that for the current year is marked about 60 suicides.
In the Crisis Center of monthly traded 30-50 women who try to commit suicide.
The main reason to encourage women to the desperate step remains  domestic violence. Among the girls - bad luck in love.
  Statistics of Ministry of Internal Affairs on such facts is biased. According to Azizova, relatives often hide the facts of suicide.
  In her view, we need a center that would deal with issues of suicide, their causes and prevention. Facts suicide should not hide their causes must be studied carefully and not to hide from the public. Not knowing the cause of the problem we cannot remove it, she said. -05C04-

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