The theologian rejected the charges against him

Baku/20.05.17/Turan: In the Masalli district court, the trial of the theologian SardarBabayev, charged under Article 168-1.3 (violation of the requirements for conducting religious ceremonies), was started on the eve of the trial.Babayev said that he did not understand the essence of the charge. If the laws are based on European standards, Friday prayers are performed on Friday in all advanced countries - Europe, America, he said."In many places, the alumni are performed by graduates of the international university, which I graduated," Babayev said, pointing out the inconsistency of the accusation that he could not manage the Friday prayers, since he studied abroad.

Babayev pointed out that he graduated from a foreign university in 2000, and the above-mentioned legislative restriction was introduced in 2015. "The law does not have retroactive force," he recalled.Lawyer JavadJavadov applied for audio and video recording of the trial, allowing Babayev to sit next to the defenders.The state prosecutor did not object.Judge AnarAlmamedov left the petitions not considered until the next meeting.

Other petitions were related to the change in the measure of restraint on house arrest, the return of the case to a preliminary investigation.The prosecutor opposed the petitions, and the court rejected them.The next meeting will be held on 25 May.In connection with the trial of Babayev, about a hundred believers came to the building of the court.

However, the police did not allow them to gather and dispersed.Several people were detained. The editor-in-chief of the site Islamabad Sesi selected the dictaphone and the camera, and was returned after the destruction of the records. -06D-

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