The trial in the case of Hasan Huseynli

Trial  in the case of  Hasan Huseynli, the head of NGO Education Center  “Intelligent citizen”, took place on Monday in Nizami district court of Ganja chaired by  Ayaz Makhmudov. He was charged under Article 221.3 (hooliganism committed with a weapon or object as a weapon) of the Criminal Code.

According to investigators, Huseynli allegedly stabbed Arzu Gahramanova, a resident of Ganja.

According to the lawyer  Alaif Hasanov, at  the trial two witnesses for the prosecution argued that Huseynli stabbed the victim.

"But one of the witnesses contradicted what he said in the preliminary investigation,"  said the lawyer. Protection applied for query records with surveillance cameras, where the incident occurred. The judge said that the application will be considered at a meeting on June 24.

The defense also applied for query sentences for several other cases reviewed in the Nizami district courts and Kyamazskom Ganja. According to the lawyer, in these cases, both the witness and the victim himself are  witnesses. This means that the individuals are actually "regular" police witnesses, so the accuracy of their statements and testimony  is in question. However, the judge did not grant the request. The  trial will continue on June 24.

 The NGO “Intelligent Citizen” (ICEC) was founded in 2004. Organization received state registration in February 2009.

The main mission of this NGO is the dissemination of ideas of an open society in the Western region of Azerbaijan. For this purpose, enlightenment   activities of civil society were held, and  the main target group of projects is youth. -06B-

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