Video of the arrest of Amiraslanov exposes investigation

Video captured by a mobile phone on the detention of Ilham Amiraslanov, activist of  “Kura” civil society on June 8, by the officers of the Department to Fight Organized Crime of the Interior Ministry (DFOC), casts serious doubt on the investigation materials.

At the hearing on September 6 in Sabirabad, the employees of the DFOC stated that in the detention of Amiraslanov and a search of his home, there were only three employees and two witnesses of the DFOC from Baku. They also claimed that the police of Sabirabad region were not notified. 

However, the video clearly shows that Deputy Chief of the Sabirabad Police Department, Rauf Majidov, was talking with residents of the village of Askerbeyli , who were not happy with the arrest of Amiraslanov.  However, in the court police and witnesses claimed that there was no one around.

Earlier Amiraslanov and villagers claimed that the detention was carried out by a large group of police officers from Baku and Sabirabad.-0-



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