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BAKU/25.12.13/Turan : The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has distributed the results of the presentation of the Unified centralized library system ALISA, developed on the basis of the modern platform .

According to the minister Abulfaz Garayev today use various library systems , which does not allow them to apply uniform standards and the integration between them. When creating innovations local specialists benefit from the experience of advanced library systems in the world , which will lead the development of the library system of Azerbaijan in line with the latest technologies to the international library systems .

According to the company ULTRA representative Tahir Mirkishili, the single centralized library information system (ALISA) commissioned by the Ministry of specific to the local library system , and based on Java and Oracle, which over the past few years , have become ideal tools for the development on large scale. In this regard, we can confidently assert that the system will continue to be relevant in the coming years .

By the way , online operation of the system allows you to access it from anywhere in the world . In developing the system was taken into account all the activities of the library , including registering the reader reservation editions receipt of the order , information about employees . The system also has a unique search engine, a variety of reports and a tiered system of rights . The right to use the user may be limited or full.

The project created a special portal . The portal includes the sites of all libraries in Azerbaijan . On the portal you can find information about the library and the recent acquisitions , as well as an overview of news , announcements of events , etc. In addition, readers may be registered in their respective regions , reserve any further editions for purchase , as well as get the information in your account , on the order books and books that should be returned.

Within the pilot project, the system has already been introduced in three district central libraries of Baku : Khatai, Narimanov, and Sabail. This will establish and improve the system . The probationary period is scheduled for completion before the end of the year. Later will be full use of the system.

Because some regional libraries are not provided internet , work on developing offlayn version of the program . Offlayn version is expected to be identical to the online version . The only difference is that the exchange of information in offlayn version will be done manually . This version also gives you the opportunity to use the system in the libraries of some organizations that do not possess a central database .

It is planned to use the system ALISA in the library named after Heydar Aliyev in Ganja, the library of the youth center in Nakhchivan, etc. Method for creating ALISA allows you to integrate a variety of equipment for libraries. Note that in kiosk reader is a device that has no analogues in the world . The device, developed by ULTRA, registers readers only identity cards . By registering the reader gets a library card - a plastic card that can be used in all libraries in the country . - 17D-

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