Children cost parents more than 2 times higher than the government believes

Life is expensive, and the market basket for each Azerbaijani worker as of December 1 is 168.95 manats (AZN 1.5 higher than a month earlier.) For pensioners it costs 151.96 AZN, and children up to 14 years cost the parents 207.30 manat.

The alternative research by the Center for Economic Research said adults spend AZN 103.90 on food, pensioners - AZN 92.67, and children - AZN 113.89 manat.

Non-food products respectively demanded 39.57 manat, 36.68 manat and 75.68 manat of costs. Spent on services were 25.48 manat, 22.61 manat and 17.73 manat respectively. Calculations are made on the basis of the methodology the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan on 30 April 2009.

Recall that under the law of Azerbaijan "On the cost of living in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2012," the average cost of living is defined in AZN 108, including 116 for working-age population, for pensioners - AZN 84 and for children - 87 manat. - 17D-


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