Customs Checkpoint Sinig Korpu Unloaded

The customs checkpoint Sinig Korpu on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border has been unloaded. According to the State Customs Committee (SCC) of Azerbaijan, the incredible density of traffic observed on the Ramadan holiday (July 6-7) has significantly reduced.

Another factor complicating the operation of the checkpoint was a landslide on the Georgian Military Highway, which is why the car traffic from Russia to Georgia was routed through Azerbaijan, so the flow of cars was sent on three lines of inspection, and the problem was fully solved.

According to the SCC, on July 6 through the checkpoint the border was crossed by 874 cars and 263 trucks, on 7 July - 805 cars and 180 trucks (on average, less than 2 minutes per passenger and less than 10 minutes per truck). --17D-

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