Number of ATMs and POS Terminals Reduced

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) reports that by 1 May, there were 2,553 ATMs in Azerbaijan (minus 5.3% to the beginning of the year). Most of them (1,412) were installed in Baku, while the rest 1,141 were in areas of the country.

During the first European Games in June 2015 significant increase in the number of POS terminals was recorded (+ 6.9%), but now the total number is 73,960 units (minus 7.9% to the beginning of the year) on all trading facilities and services. In Baku there are 42,762 (minus 12.7%), and in the regions – 31,198 (minus 0.5%). Almost all of them (98.2%) operate in retail trade facilities (72,676). --17D-

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