Presentation of the new electronic social services

Today at State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) there was the presentation of e-service provision of information to citizens, which entered in the register of compulsory social insurance.

According to Chairman of SSPF Salim Muslimov, the service promotes transparency, strengthening public control and confidence in the future potential labor pensioners. The service is the eighth in the register of the "electronic government" on the page of the social fund ( Thanks to it, every working citizen can get information about the accumulated pension capital and the appropriate deductions to the state fund. As of February 20 of this year, 2 million 351 thousand 538 people received a certificate of social security based on individual accounts in the banks.

Prior to that, the fund has 7 e-services - pension calculator, information about the appointment and retirement form of treatment on his changes, the application form of the insured person to open the account with a bank or other credit organizations, and so on.

According to Muslimov, SSPF will provide 25 types of services on the portal by 2015. -17D-


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