Tea factory can be terminated

The State Committee on Property (SCP) again put on an investment competition 93.96 % stake in JSC Baki Chaychekici. But this time, investors do not need to save the profile - packing tea.

The last time the shares were offered to investors in August 2013. However, if applicants were required to submit proposals for the transfer to the state budget is not 150,000 manat, and not less than 80 thousand manats.

Last year, it was found that the company "airlifted" in the Sabunchu district of Baku (Bakikhanov settlement, 21 Gojayev Street).

Turan found that on-site (Nasimi district, 24 Safaraliev Street) the enterprise put into operation in 1966 is ruined now. Perhaps the enterprise territory occupying 3.92 hectares of land in the center of Baku has been privatized.

Despite what is happening, the authorized capital of Baki Chaychekici is unchanged at 171,740 manat. Contrary to the legislation, SCP hides subject to disclosure information about the area of ​​land and buildings characteristic property of the enterprise.

Members of the personnel factory owned 6.04 % of the shares. Sale of 15% stake in tea factory workers was organized in 2001. Since then, the factory has been idle.

For more than five years, commitments of Baki Chaychekici rose from 49 000 to 198 800 manat. Of these, 51.5 thousand manats are debts on wages, which must be paid by the investor. - 08B-

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