Aliyev calls the West to impose sanctions against Karabakh separatists

Baku/15.04.14/Turan : President Ilham Aliyev accused the international community of double standards and not imposштп sanctions against Armenia and Karabakh separatists .

"In fact , against Armenia international sanctions have long had to be applied since Armenia has occupied the internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan for 20 years, committed genocide against civilians and committed the Khojaly genocide. Against our people there was a policy of ethnic cleansing. Four UN Security Council resolutions were violated... International standards are violated. The UN Security Council resolutions were not implemented. Resolutions of other international organizations, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the OSCE, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were not implemented either," said Aliyev at the Cabinet meeting on April 13.

Though Armenia ignores international law, sanctions are not applied against it.

" Until when should we encounter these double standards ? What causes this ? Why do the leaders of the self-proclaimed NKR not suffer from sanctions?

This is unfair. So we protest against double standards and ask leaders of the cooperating western states not to indulge the "leaders" of far-fetched "NKR" in their countries. They go and conduct illegal telethons, collect money, and then use the money against us. These "leaders" are received in the leading countries of the West, issued visas, they open their " representation" and make trips there. Why? I think it is time that we more openly expressed our views on this issue," said Aliyev.

He also criticized that PACE did not raise the question of the suspension of the powers of the Armenian delegation.

"We have raised this issue. Since 2001, I , as the head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the PACE , have repeatedly raised this question. Nobody does not react to it . They say go and negotiate peacefully to solve this issue. Against us there was ethnic cleansing and genocide. After the expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Nagorno-Karabakh, a so-called referendum was held there.

We need to expose injustice to us with facts and arguments," said Aliyev .

"With regard to the settlement of the conflict, it is no secret that the main factor in the world is power. This is reality. So we have to be even stronger and build up our military strength.

Procuring armaments and equipment for many years has significantly increased our strength .

Technique available at the Azerbaijani army today is not behind that of the most powerful armies .

Strong is also our army in Nakhchivan , where the most modern equipment is located, including artillery, combat and transport helicopters, anti-tank and air defense weapons, tanks T-72 and T-90, other weapons and ammunition. The amount of this will grow. We must and we will be even stronger," said Aliyev. -06D-

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