Doctrine Center offers comprehensive measures to reduce non-combat losses in the army

Baku/14.04.14/Turan : Loss of defense and security sector of Azerbaijan this year has totaled 28 people.

Another 36 people were wounded or injured , according to the Military Research Journalism Center Doctrine.

As the head of Doctrine Jasur Sumerinli said, nine people were killed in combat, 6 - by enemy bullets, and three more stepped on mines.

With regard to non-combat losses, three people were killed in car accidents, 1 - for reasons unknown, 3 - as a result of hazing , 3 - died from disease, 9 - committed suicide ( hanged or shot) .

Four wounded were injured in a shooting from the Armenian side and 8 stepped on mines .

13 people were injured as a result of hazing , 3 made suicide attempts, 6 - as a result of car accidents, and 1 was poisoned .

Most of the wounded and the injured have already returned to the place of service.

In addition, during the reporting period , three civilians were wounded in shelling from the Armenian side.

The center Doctrine believes that without a set of measures non-combat losses cannot be stopped.

In this regard, Doctrine recommends a number of measures . In particular , it is proposed to keep accurate statistics and provide the public with information on each occasion of the death and injury of soldiers. In this case the Military Prosecutor and the Internal Investigations Department of MoD should work transparently. Guilty of non-combat losses should be punished and it should be a lesson for others.

It is required to adopt consistent educational work in military units to clarify the rights of servicemen. Soldiers must be able to immediately inform about violations of their rights the higher command .

Officers also must undergo special training to improve their relations with the soldiers and respect their rights. The experience of NATO countries can be used.

The training of army people responsible for morale of soldiers should be improved and these professionals should be trained like psychologists.

There should be developed a national strategy to train military personnel in military schools and teachers should be attracted from NATO countries, including Turkey and the United States.

There should be increased social protection and improvement of living conditions of officers, in particular the salary and allowances for rental housing should be significantly increased (the size of the benefit is 49 manat now) .

Lieutenants in the rear get only 450 manats, and are encouraged to establish their salaries at least at 1,000 manats.

A document should be developed on the transition to a contract army system and the gradual elimination of the draft system.

The process of assigning positions to civilians should be speeded up.

There should be a strategy for the development of the Armed Forces.

"We believe that these measures will lead over time to develop the Armed Forces to a new level and to decrease in non-combat losses in the army. Otherwise, non-combat losses will grow," said Sumerinli. -06D-

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