30 unexploded ammunitions found on the territory of oil companies in Sangachal

30 unexploded ammunitions were found and neutralized on the territory, where it is planned to build the oil and gas refining and petrochemical complex of SOCAR, and the territory belonging to Total oil company.

According to the Azerbaijan National Anti-Mining Agency  (ANAMA), 25 unexploded ammunitions were found and neutralized in Sangachal district, Garadag region, and five ones on the territory of Total company.

  The anti-tank mines, old hand grenades, tank shells and others were among the found ammunitions. The works to neutralize the mines will continue till the end of 2014.

The territory, which belonged to the Baku anti-air defense department of the USSR Defense Ministry (30 hectares) and the Caspian Fleet of the Defense Ministry (50 hectares), was used as a training ground.—0—

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