There is a growing number of visitors to

Just last December, a single information portal on permits ( was visited by more than 14 thousand internet users.

According to the ministry of ICT, to the page came not only local people, but about 700 people from Germany, Turkey, USA, Russia, Great Britain, Georgia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Denmark, Belarus, Qatar, Norway, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Overall, since the launch of the portal visited it 75 thousand times.

As reported, the portal should reduce administrative barriers to business development, the use of advances in ICT, creating advanced information systems, to improve transparency.

The website contains all the information concerning the conditions for obtaining licenses and permits for each activity.

In addition, the entrepreneurs through the site can see the projects of individual regulations, which are prepared by the concerned government agencies and the licensing and placement. Drafts of these documents will be available on this site, entrepreneurs can on them to give their suggestions and comments.

Presentation of information and administrative portal held in mid-March last year. - 17D-


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