Vahid Ahmadov dissatisfied with the government"s attitude to agriculture

At today's meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament MP Vahid Ahmadov expressed dissatisfaction with the ratio of the private financial sector and the government sector to the real economy, especially in agriculture.

According to him, the villagers can not sell fruits and vegetables due to the monopolization of the industry. Numerous groups and by individual commercial banks, rather than allocate preferential loans to rural entrepreneurs, do not improve the financial sphere, and cashing many millions of manat, thus leaving from taxation. Ahmadov said that a number of financial institutions do not have to the country.

In such circumstances, the government must launch a pilot project in one of the areas for the sale of agricultural products. The project should include the entire chain - from the land reclamation to storage and export to the markets of the finished product. In the case of success of the project it should be extended, said the deputy. - 17D -


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