Azeris To Know - Significant Azerbaijanis

Azeris To Know- Significant Azerbaijanis is the name of a new project of Turan Information Agency aimed to acquaint people with prominent Azerbaijanis - artists, scientists, athletes and just talented people.

Our aim is to uncover extraordinary personalities, to show them and to give people an opportunity to evaluate them.

The first in the list of Significant Azerbaijanis is the young tarist (the tar is an Azerbaijani national stringed musical instrument) virtuoso Shahriyar Imanov.

In the era of globalization, representatives of our nation occupy important positions in many countries. They are descendants of the former emigration waves and representatives of the younger generation who left Azerbaijan in the last two decades.

Our task is to introduce these people, who represent Azerbaijan with their talent and intellect far beyond our Motherland, to our compatriots.

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