Марк Милли

Марк Милли

America's top military officer on Tuesday told the Congress that the world is getting more unstable, "and the potential for significant international conflict between great powers is increasing, not decreasing," TURAN's Washington correspondent reports.

Speaking before the House Armed Services Committee, Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the world is getting more unstable, and the potential for significant international conflict between great powers is "increasing".

The U.S. military, he said, is "prepared to deter and — if necessary — fight and win anyone who seeks to attack the United States or our allies or our vital national security interests."

The general called Russia's invasion of Ukraine "the greatest threat to peace and security of Europe and perhaps the world in my 42 years of service in uniform."

President Vladimir Putin's unnecessary war threatens not only European peace and stability, but global peace and stability, he said.

"The islands of the Pacific and the beaches of Normandy bore witness to the incredible tragedy that befalls humanity when nations seek power through military aggression across sovereign borders," Milley added.

"Despite the horrific assault on the institutions of freedom, it is heartening to see the world rally and say never again to the specter of war in Europe."

The military stands ready to "do whatever is directed" - he added.

In response to Russia's atrocities in Bucha and across Ukraine, the U.S., EU and G7 countries are considering to announce today their new package or sanctions against Moscow , TURAN's correspondent was informed by official sources.

Washington also announced Tuesday night that it will provide additional $100 million in security assistance to Ukraine, including anti-armour systems.

"Ukraine’s forces bravely continue to defend their country and their freedom, and the United States, along with our Allies and partners, stand steadfast in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. I have authorized, pursuant to a delegation from the President earlier today, the immediate drawdown of security assistance valued at up to $100 million to meet Ukraine’s urgent need for additional anti-armor systems."  Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

"This authorization is the sixth drawdown of arms, equipment, and supplies from Department of Defense inventories for Ukraine since August 2021."

Combined with $300 million in assistance announced by the Pentagon on April 1 under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, this additional drawdown brings the total U.S. security assistance commitment to Ukraine to more than $2.4 billion since the beginning of this Administration, and more than $1.7 billion* *since the beginning of Russia’s brutal assault against Ukraine began on February 24.

"In addition to what we have provided, more than 30 countries have joined us to deliver security assistance to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began." Blinken noted.

"Together, we are delivering security assistance every day, and we are expediting shipments of even more of the arms and defense equipment Ukraine is using to defend itself."

"As we strengthen Ukraine’s position on the battlefield and at the negotiating table, we will also work with our Allies and partners to gather information to document reported abuses and make it available to the appropriate bodies to hold those responsible to account.  United with our Allies and partners, we will continue to provide security assistance in support of Ukraine’s defense, as well as economic support, and humanitarian aid for communities devastated by Russia’s ruthless brutality", Blinken said.

Alex Raufoglu

Washington D.C.


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