Baku/19.04.22/Turan: Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine (24.02.22), 114 citizens of this country applied to the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan (SMSA) for refugee status. Together with family members, these are 129 people, the SMSA told Turan, responding to the agency's inquiry.

"All the applicants are registered with the SMSA at their location, in Azerbaijan. The needs of these people have been identified and met, the necessary assistance has been provided, or they have been referred to the appropriate organizations," the SMSA said.

Under Azerbaijani law, applicants for refugee status are allowed to temporarily live, work, receive medical care in Azerbaijan, etc," the SMSA added. 

Earlier the SMSA reported that as of April 7, 6 163 citizens of Ukraine, who fled the country because of the war, arrived in our country.

Added to this can be that the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan created a program to provide psychological assistance to those who left Ukraine. This is reported on the website of the SMSA. The program has been running since March 3 and is a project of the Public Council under the State Migration Service, the statement said.-0-


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