Alliance of Protection of Political Rights condemns police

The Alliance of Protection of Political Rights (APPR) has monitored the protest on January 26 in Baku, and found that the detainees during the action were tortured in police custody.

In the course of the action the police treated the protesters rudely and without giving them the opportunity to gather. The police also acted violently against journalists.

The detainees were not allowed to meet with lawyers. Twenty six participants were subjected to administrative penalties and fines, while most participants got off with warnings.

APPR also assessed the violation of human rights of the leadership of the party Musavat, which was twice not admitted into Lankaran for events. On the results of the monitoring it stated abuse of office by the traffic police.

During the protest in Ismayilli and the shopping center Bina, citizens' rights to freedom of assembly were violated and there were arrests and fines.

The authors believe the incidents proved political discrimination, and called the country's leaders to ensure the rights and freedoms of citizens. -05D04-


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