Death Threats from Police to Lawyer Aslan Ismayilov

The lawyer Aslan Ismayilov was threatened with physical harm at the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (GUBOP) at the Interior Ministry if he did not stop criticizing Interior Minister Ramil Usubov. Turan was told by Ismayilov, he was in the Narimanov district prosecutor office on the murder of a cardiologist as a representative of the victim. Around 17.00 the GUBOP investigator Janpolad Daanov called him and asked him to come to the agency "in connection with a question."

Ismailov was previously unfamiliar with the investigator and did not deny the request.

However, as soon as he entered GUBOP, he was taken to the basement. There Daanov insulted him and slapped him for criticizing Ramil Usubov and declaring that GUBOP tortured the blogger Rashad Agaaddin. They said that "if you want to live, behave well, it is our warning to you."

Recall that on May 17 at a press conference Ismayilov announced torturing of Agaaddin in GUBOP and demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Ramil Usubov.

After he was released, the  lawyer lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office of Baku and called the hotline of the Prosecutor General's Office.

In addition, Ismayilov informed the U.S. Embassy about the incident.

"It's not that I was hit and insulted. This is the last limit of arbitrariness in Azerbaijan. If something happens to me, the responsibility for this will be with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov, because I was threatened on his behalf, " said Ismayilov.

In his view, the situation in the country has reached a critical point and the repressive machine can hit anyone who dares to speak the truth. Therefore, the community must express protest will.

Ismayilov also said he was not afraid of threats and death and nothing will stop his fight against tyranny and lawlessness.

Recall that on May 8 the Presidium of the Association of Azerbaijan Lawyers decided to suspend the advocacy of Aslan Ismayilov and filed a lawsuit on the termination of his office as a lawyer and to expel him from the Bar. Ismayilov himself considers these decisions are related to public criticism on the problems of corruption, human rights violations, and arbitrary employees of the judicial system.  -06D -


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