Joint Armenian-Russian joint military exercises in Armenia

Yerevan / 14.08.14 / Turan-ArmInfo: Mechanized infantry units of the 102nd Russian military base in Armenia began tactical exercises on a high training complex "Alagyaz." Exercises are held in preparation for the joint battalion tactical exercises of the Russian military and the armed forces of Armenia. The exercise, which will be held with live firing of all types of weapons, will be attended by more than 1,000 troops, and 300 units of military special equipment.

Servicemen will operate under conditions close to the fighting, at an altitude above 2,200 meters above sea level, with an imitation of coming imaginary enemy, and using air strikes and weapons of mass destruction.

Particular attention will be paid to bilateral exercises using the latest portable radio communication equipment and signals.

The actions of the troops will be observed by the division of unmanned aerial vehicles, transferring data to the headquarters of the teachings.

At the  same time  air defense forces of Azerbaijan hold  military exercises in frontline  with combat shooting.-02D-

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