NIDA Activist Lawyers Petition for Prosecution of Accused to Cease VIDEO (UPDATED)

Yesterday at Baku Court of Grave Crimes, Chair Alisultan Osmanova began preliminary hearings regarding the case of seven NIDA activists and Free Youth movement member Ilkin Rustamzade.

They are charged with inciting riots during protests on March 10 in Baku. Initially, the young people were charged with illegal possession of weapons and drugs. NIDA members Mahammad Azizov, Bakhtiyar Guliyev , Shaheen Novruzlu , Rashadat Akhundov, Uzeyir Mammadov , Rashad Hasanov and Zaur Gurbanly were arrested on the charges in March and April. In May, Ilkin Rustamzade of the Free Youth movement was arrested on charges of hooliganism.

During preparatory meetings, attorneys made ??a motion to dismiss the criminal case.  If that request is not granted, the defense will ask to change the measure of restraint to house arrest.

The investigation alleged that the accused met on February 28 and agreed to hold a March 10 protest against the soldiers' deaths and incite mass disorder during the protest. However, the death of the soldier Seymour Allahverdiyev that triggered this demonstration only became known on March 1.

In addition, during the search of Novruzlu, Guliyev and Azizov, procedural rules were violated. A search was conducted, although the warrant was only for an examination. Along with this, in the minutes of the seizure of evidence from Guliyev and Novrzlu it is said about the seizure of bottles with "Molotov cocktails", but later in the investigation materials were added to the alleged two bottles of flammable liquid seized, to which were attached syringes filled with smokeless powder "Falcon."

As explained by attorney Asabali Mustafayev, "Molotov cocktails" are incendiary and do not fall under the scope of Article 228 of the Explosive Substances Act. According to the lawyer, the investigation has gone on fraud to justify the charges brought against the young people. The presiding judge scheduled the next hearing for14 November at 15.30.

Note that about 200 youth activists came to the courthouse to support the accused.

A public defender was in court regarding former presidential candidate of the National Council, Jamil Gasanli. In an interview with reporters, he criticized the trial of the innocent people.

Asked to evaluate the possible outcomes of the trial, Gasanli suggested that the government would make the case to the subject of bargaining with international organizations.

"Usually, states use foreign citizens for bargaining like this, but our government plays with the fate of its own citizens," said Gasanli.

Amnesty International recognized all the arrested young men as prisoners of conscience. -06C-

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2013 November 05 (Tuesday) 16:37:26

An employee of TV Meydan, Aynura Heydarova, was subjected to pressure from the police on Tuesday in the building of the Baku Court of Grave Crimes where a trial began of seven members of civil society movement NIDA, and the organization "Azad Ganjlik."

The police refused to let journalists into the hall, who were  demanding their right to report the trial. However, the police rudely pushed out of the room several press officers, including Heydarova.  "They pushed me out when I demanded them to let me into to the hall. Before that, it was announced that the trial would be an open one. If so, then why are journalists evicted?" said Heydarova.

According to Turan  correspondent, the majority of those wishing to enter the courtroom , could not get in because of the small size of the room.  -06/03/16D-


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 A trial of the case of members of the civil society movement NIDA and the organization "Azad Ganjlik"  began  on  Tuesday in the  Baku  Serious  Crimes Court, chaired by Javid Huseynov.  According to  a Turan correspondent, the  courthouse  is surrounded by police officers; there are four  patrol service cars in front of the building, and  10 cars behind the building. About a hundred people gathered in front of the building waiting for the beginning of the trial, among them  is  the former presidential candidate of the National Council, Jamil Hasanli.

‘These young people are innocent , they  only  tried to take advantage of their civil and constitutional rights.  They should not be arrested for this’ said Hasanli in an interview with reporters.

Those arrested in March and April of this year are members of NIDA: Mahammad Azizov , Bakhtiyar Guliyev , Shaheen Novruzlu , Rashadat Akhundov, Uzeyir Mammadov, Rashad Hasanov and Zaur Gurbanly. They are charged with preparing the riots during protests on March 10 in Baku. Initially, the young people were charged with illegal possession of weapons and drugs.

In May Ilkin Rustamzade  from the "Free Youth" Movement was arrested on charges of hooliganism.

However later  11 arrested  have been accused under  the Article 220.1 (organization of mass disorders.). They may receive up to 12 years in prison.

International human rights organization, Amnesty International, recognized all the arrested young men as prisoners of conscience. -16/06D-


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