Prosecutor"s office interrogates the lawyer of the IRFS (UPDATED)

On Thursday a lawyer of the Institute of Reporters Freedom and Safety (IRFS) Gunay Ismaylova  was interrogated for three hours in the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General for Serious Crimes. The interrogation was conducted with the participation of a lawyer Yalcin Imanov. The interrogation was conducted in connection with a criminal case against a number of local and foreign NGOs. Both signed a document on  not divulging secrets of the investigation.

Ismailova said that prosecutors had warned her about the inadmissibility to travel abroad without the permission of the investigation. Ismailova regarded as a de facto ban on leaving the country.

On August 8 during a search in the office IRFS were seized computers, photographic equipment and documentation IRFS. On August 11 the  IRFS office was sealed.

There is no information on the location of the director of the  IRFS, Emin Huseynov.-05B06-

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2014 August 14 (Thursday) 11:33:16

In the morning of August 14 an employee of the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety (IRFS) Gunay Ismailova and the owner of the premises, which is leased by the NGO, Shargiyya Huseynova were summoned to the Main Investigation Department for Serious Crimes of the Prosecutor General's Office to testify.

As Ismailova told Turan, she was invited as a witness, although no notification was sent to her. Along with her, the lawyer Yalcin Imanov went for the questioning.

The owner of the premises, in turn, told Turan that she was simply invited. "I leased my apartment out in accordance with the law. There is a contract and the taxes paid. At the moment the door of my apartment is sealed by the investigation. The reason is unknown to me," Huseynova said.

On August 8 the Prosecutor General’s Office raided the IRFS office and seized 15 computers, 3 video cameras, 7 laptops, 12 photo cameras, up to 200 discs, more than 20 hard drives, security camera cards, grant agreements, accounting records, and seals.

The house of the parents of the IRFS Director Emin Huseynov was searched and a computer of his mother, a tablet and a few documents were seized.

On August 10 the prosecutors sealed the IRFS office. -03B04-

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