Tax authorities fighting with small entrepreneurs

The property of several small and medium-sized metropolitan entrepreneurs has been arrested. According to the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan, the dodgers are five.

JSC Tekoplast (Narimanov district) has unpaid debts amounting to 15,186 manat, thereby they arrested domestic equipment, doors and windows in the amount of 2,680 manat belonging to the enterprise.

The store of building materials belonging to a private owner Shahid Melikov on Avenue Khatai (Nasimi district) found receivables in the amount of 6,276 manat and arrested the plumbing for 7,130 manat. Similar financial shortcomings were found in the other three sites.

The Ministry of Taxes has never brought to justice representatives of commercial organizations within the business network of large state and government officials - the largest employers of the country. -17D-

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