Armenia summed up the results of the parliamentary elections. According to preliminary results, the ruling Republican Party of Armenia becomes the winner, supported by the president and the prime minister of the country. She has almost half of the votes - 49.15%. The second place is occupied by the "Tsarukyan block" - 27.67%, in the third position - the block "Elk" (7.78%). The observers from the CIS and OSCE recognized the vote as transparent and democratic. After these elections, the country changes its management system. From the presidential republic, Armenia becomes parliamentary, where deputies already form the government and appoint a prime minister. But for this they need a majority. How will the results of the elections affect the Armenian-Azerbaijani relations and what position will the new parliament take in the Karabakh issue?

"Sargsyan now has all chances to become prime minister,  taking into account that the ruling Republican Party won the majority of votes," political analyst Gabil Huseynov told Turan. "The head of parliament, under a new form of government, becomes the head of the country's executive power, that is, he will concentrate all previous powers of the president in his hands. Unfortunately, Sargsyan is a supporter of tough negotiations, which have so far yielded no results, and even led the situation into a dead end. Now there was a pause in the negotiation process, and if Sarkisian becomes prime minister, the pause may become protracted. Negotiations can revive only under the pressure of the opposition. But they will be quite complicated, because the positions of the parties are diametrically opposed, especially in the issue of the status of Nagorno-Karabakh. Therefore, the chances for a successful outcome of negotiations are minimal and the possibility of a resumption of war increases," H.Huseynli said.

"There is not a real opposition in the Armenian Parliament," Director of the Atlas Center for Strategic Studies Elkhan Shakhinoglu told Turan Turan. "Two blocs, the leader of one of which is ex-president Ter-Petrosyan, did not pass to the parliament. These blocs sharply criticize the ruling regime and a large number of participants gathered at the rallies. The forces that have passed to the parliament actually support Sargsyan's domestic and foreign policies. The latter actually achieved what was desired - changed the Constitution, transferred power to the parliament and the government and retained control over it. Armenia's position on Karabakh will not change - it will continue its aggressive policy. If Sargsyan's forces lost, then we could expect positive changes. Because  before the elections the opposition announced its intention to regulate relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey. However, these forces  remained behind, and there should not be any positive shifts in the Karabakh issue. On the contrary, the situation can aggravate.  If earlier Armenia shelled our territories, now it bombs  them to fire from large-caliber weapons. Therefore, local clashes are inevitable," E. Shahinoglu stressed.—0--

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