The USA appreciate Azerbaijan"s commitments on Afghanistan

Baku/23.04.14/Turan : The  U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Richard Morningstar, welcomed Azerbaijan's readiness to contribute to the development of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of international forces. "We greatly appreciate the merits of Azerbaijan in transit of food and other supplies to Afghanistan through its territory. We also appreciate the commitments Azerbaijan committed itself  on the development of the country after the withdrawal of the international forces  in 2014,"  Morningstar told reporters.

Since 2002 in the international ISAF forces acting platoon of Azerbaijani soldiers. Later ( in 2009) contingent  of Azerbaijani soldiers was doubled and brought up to 90 people .

Experts from  ANAMA ( National Agency for the removal of mines )  conduct   works on cleaning from mines.-16D-

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