Vugar Bayramov's Headquarters Called Charges against Him "Black PR"

Baku / 31.01.20 / Turan: The electoral headquarters of a candidate for deputies in the 84th Fizuli constituency Vugar Bayramov denied the statements of his five rivals in the February 9 parliamentary elections on the intervention of local officials in the election process in his favor.

Bayramov’s headquarters, for its part, accused these individuals of black PR and slander. The statement indicates that on January 17 and 18 in Sumgayit and Lokbatan, meetings with internally displaced voters were organized by Bayramov’s headquarters. At the same time, other candidates were invited to the meeting, which caused protests from voters who left the meeting after Bayramov’s speech.

Bayramov’s headquarters also published videos of these meetings.

In this case, all meetings are recorded on video and will be exposed on the Internet. Bayramov’s headquarters has begun legal procedures to take action against those who conduct black PR.   —06D-


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