Who invited Zhirinovsky in Baku?

The pro-government press writes about the arrival of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party’s leader, controversial Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky in Baku. According to the same sources, he was invited to Baku through parliamentary relations, as the Vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

It is expected that Zhirinovsky will have talks in the Parliament and they will show him around the city, demonstrating our achievements.

Most interesting is that on this occasion there is no official announcement. However, in the same Milli Majlis there recently there have been calls to bring to justice Zhirinovsky for his constant insults of the Azerbaijani people.

Who came up with the idea to call Zhirinovsky and what goal is pursued  is uncertain, although it is not difficult to foresee that in Baku, he will declare support for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, name Karabakh an Azerbaijani culture center, state that Azerbaijan and Russia are strategic partners, etc.

The question is who will believe in all this and who pays for performance of this clown here? -02B-

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