Local NGOs demand stopping pressure on Leyla Yunus

The Popular Front Party and the Alliance for Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners sharply denounce violence against Leyla Yunus in the Baku prison and demand to immediately stop this lawlessness.

"All responsibility for what is happening and the possible consequences lie directly on Ilham Aliyev.

The management of the jail should know that no one, including Ilham Aliyev has any right to tell them to violate the rights of the arrested person, for all these acts they will be once held accountable," the statement said.

In turn, the Alliance for Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners notes that the authorities are taking revenge on Leyla Yunus for her exposing iniquity of the authorities.

The Committee to Protect Yunus’s Rights calls on the authorities to draw conclusions from international criticism, to stop the crackdown on civil society and respect the rights of detainees. At the same time, the Committee requests the immediate release of Leyla Yunus and all other political prisoners. -03D-

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