Налбандян и Мамедъяров. Фото из открытых источников

Налбандян и Мамедъяров. Фото из открытых источников

Turan conducted an express poll in the social network. Most of the respondents were brief: what will they talk about? About nothing. "Once again they will meet, talk, and gone away," supposed the political observer of the newspaper "Echo" Tofigakhanum Kasimova.

Avaz Hasanov, the human rights activist, a participant of many meetings with Armenian publics, informs the agenda of the June 11 meeting: three issues will be discussed. On the measures taken to implement the agreements of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia in St. Petersburg and Vienna aimed at stabilizing the situation and withdrawing the peace process from stagnation. On measures to reduce tensions on the contact line of troops and measures to ease mutual tension between the two peoples.

The journalist Murtaza Bunyadli speaks about Hasanov"s words. Bunyadly believes that Yerevan, along with Moscow, deliberately went to a monstrous escalation at the front so that the negotiators discussed only the reduction of tension and the establishment of technical and other ways of detecting the ceasefire violator, together with the adoption of the procedure for investigating the incidents. To do this, Yerevan and Moscow want to increase the number of officials in the team of the special representative of the chairman of the OSCE, A. Kasprzyk. They will not speak about anything else. They have no new ways of settling and compromising solutions.

"Azerbaijan must put before the OSCE a specific requirement to determine the responsibility of the OSCE for increasing tensions on the fronts and prolonging the regime of occupation of Azerbaijani territory. The OSCE functionaries should be shown their personal guilt for the death of the civilian population," Bunyadli replied.

Political scientist Elkhan Shainoglu is sure that the international community is only engaged in neutralizing Azerbaijan's attempts to return the lands seized by Armenia. "They want to reassure us with a pair of missiles launched on Armenians. And that there was no war. "

Former Foreign Minister Tofik Zulfugarov in an interview with Turan expressed his vision for the forthcoming talks.

- Why did Mammadyarov go to Austria?

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan should adjust the policy towards more concretization and determination. We need to declare about the temporary cessation of participation in the negotiations until the security of the civilian population is ensured, and for this, Armenians should unilaterally move several kilometers from the contact line, to the administrative borders of the former NKAO. Then we will be sure that the Armenian side intends to settle the conflict peacefully. This would create confidence-building measures to discuss other topics.

Why such a proposal? The Armenians claimed that they created a "security zone", but there is no to such a zone, since peaceful people are dying, and modern weapons on both sides are sufficiently long-range so that there is no security. The arguments of the Armenian side that this "zone" is necessary for the safety of their civilian population cannot be accepted.

Further, the basis for any settlement, especially on the principles of the OSCE, is the provision that the results of hostilities cannot be accepted as the basis for a settlement. Proceeding from this, when the co-chairs offer us Madrid and other principles, they proceed from the fact that military actions have led to certain realities that must be taken for granted. At the same time, they deny the right of military force and insist exclusively on peaceful negotiations. Thus, the co-chairs provoke Azerbaijan to use force in order to change these realities in our favor, pave the way for the continuation of the military conflict. To prevent such a situation, the OSCE Minsk Group should refuse to take into account the lines of contact of the warring parties that have developed in the nineties. Therefore, the co-chairs need to state clearly, based on the well-known resolutions of the UN Security Council, Armenia must withdraw troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan without any conditions. In the meantime, the situation remains ambiguous and the co-chairs provoke military actions, creating a real danger of war. Azerbaijan should freeze participation in the negotiations until the co-chairs demonstrate their commitment to those principles that they preach.

- Indeed, if the world begins to take into account the result of the war of the 1990s, then Azerbaijan should start a new war in order to create profitable new results? Paradoxical peacemaking ... Then why Mammadyarov flies to Austria, if there is nothing to talk about?

- "Nothing will be signed there, so there's absolutely no need to fly him. "There is collegiality in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan on taking decisions on Azerbaijan's position in the negotiations on Karabakh. Nobody except the minister himself knows what will be discussed at the talks. Even the deputy ministers are not aware of the events. Closeness of negotiations should be eliminated, but for now we are constantly confronted with actions that cannot be explained in terms of Azerbaijan's interests. Therefore, the relevance of the Austrian meeting is unclear and inexplicable.

The Armenians announced that they will discuss the implementation of the agreements in Vienna and St. Petersburg. And the deputy head of the presidential administration, Novruz Mammadov, said that there were no agreements. If the agenda is such as the Armenians say, and the other does not published, what then should Mammadyarov do there?

- Can it be in the diplomatic, state practice that a certain minister or the president promises his people not to come out of such positions at meetings with the enemy, but actually deceives and negotiates with diametrically different proposals to the other side?

- The fact is that the conflict is not between ministers, but between countries. It's a fairy tale - to say that secrecy can solve something. At the stage of implementation, in which hundreds of thousands of people will take part, the truth will necessarily emerge, the imitation will become known to the people.

- It was stated in the contact.az that if the first response of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry to the accusation of the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova about the violation of the rights of the Russians of the Armenian nationality on the borders of Azerbaijan was clear and understandable, then the Russian Foreign Ministry would not have to come forward again with a sharp anti-Azerbaijani explanatory document.

- In my opinion, the Azerbaijani side was supposed to bring to the Foreign Ministry the following: in accordance with the logic of the Azerbaijani-Russian interstate relations, in accordance with the treaty of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, one side cannot take hostile actions against the other. A lot of Armenian Diaspora organizations are very active in Russia, the representation of the so-called "NKR" operates. Most of these organizations are involved in actions against the interests of Azerbaijan, condone separatism, its propaganda and even terrorist acts on our land and other hostile actions. This is contrary to the obligations of the Russian Federation. We are surprised to note that the executive bodies of the Russian Federation not only do not hinder, but sometimes promote it. Considering that some Russian citizens of Armenian nationality are involved in hostile activities against Azerbaijan, then Baku has to apply at the borders to Armenian-Russian citizens a special verification regime in order to identify their involvement in anti-Azerbaijani actions. If these people are ready for such checks, which can last for more than one hour, then they can try to come to Azerbaijan.

We should also recall in a statement that Azerbaijan has done its utmost to stop the anti-Russian actions from the Azerbaijani territory during the time of separatist, terrorist events in the North Caucasus. We expected the same attitude of official Russia towards Azerbaijan, regarding the separatist actions of Armenians. But that did not happen. Therefore, Azerbaijan is compelled to apply to the Armenian citizens of Russia a special regime for the passage of the border.

In the same statement, it should be recalled that the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan have many channels for consultations on the political plan. The issue of the arrival of Russians of Armenian nationality in Azerbaijan was repeatedly discussed between the countries using these channels. We do not understand why the Russian Federation chose the public form of bringing to Baku the demand for Armenians-citizens of Russia, which as a whole had a propagandistic character and as it turns out, pursued the goal of damaging the image of Azerbaijan. -0--

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