Natig Jafarli: Amnesty philosophy should mean - “stolen from the people is returned to the people”

Baku / 03.04.20 / Turan: (The Executive Secretary of the Real Party, expert economist Natig Jafarli, in an interview with Voice of America, commented on the authorities' statements about reducing the shadow economy and amnesty for capital).

At a meeting with the president of the country, the Minister of Economics Mikail Jabbarov said that representatives of the private as well as the banking sector are asked to consider the issue of amnesty for finance and capital, which could seriously contribute to reducing the shadow economy. Is it possible?

Answering this question, Natig Jafarli said that trust is of great importance in this matter. A fair judicial system is needed for this. People must be sure that they will not suffer. In Azerbaijan, the shadow economy belongs primarily to officials and amnesty primarily concerns them. In the current situation, even they do not trust the authorities.

It is no secret that most of the illegally acquired capital is outside the country. How to legalize such capital and property? Answering this question, Jafarli said that in the current situation this is not real.

 However, if tough decisions are really made, for example, if they give everyone a year and declare that if capital is not legalized, then everything will be confiscated, then an atmosphere of trust must be created and amnesty capital guaranteed.

In parallel with the amnesty should be changed in tax and customs legislation. The most important thing is to create a fair judicial system that will work quickly. Without this, the steps taken will have no effect. -03B-


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