Siyavuş Novruzov

Siyavuş Novruzov

Baku / 27.10.17 / Turan: The Milli Majlis Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations receives many proposals regarding the financing NGOs and political parties, stated in the interview to "Voice of America" by the head of the said structure, Deputy Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Siyavush Novruzov. He reminded that according to the legislation political parties can be financed from the state budget, membership fees and donations of citizens. According to Novruzov, the parties must ensure financial transparency. However, this is observed only by the ruling New Azerbaijan Party. Therefore, the law was amended, requiring parties to submit quarterly and complete financial statements to the CEC. Novruzov believes that the law should also include a rule on the responsibility of parties that do not submit financial statements. In his opinion, steps should be taken step by step with regard to such parties. "First they must be warned, then appeals to the courts must be followed and at the third stage a decision must be made to terminate the activities of parties that do not submit financial statements," he said. Answering the question about the upcoming rally of the National Council of Democratic Forces on October 28, Novruzov said that all opposition actions are managed from a single center. "Opposition protest actions and a campaign in foreign media are conducted by order of anti-Azerbaijani forces on the eve of important events in the life of Azerbaijan. One example was the anti-Azerbaijani campaign on the eve of the signing of a new oil contract in September," Novruzov said. He also made personal claims to the former US ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Kozlarich. "This man is just a professor of some institution. However, he regularly makes statements against Azerbaijan. It can be seen that he is an instrument in the hands of those forces that have financial interests in Azerbaijan. The same goes for the part of the Azerbaijani opposition, and they are tools. Wherever they turn, they go there," Novruzov said. In his opinion, the actions of the opposition do not reflect the interests of the Azerbaijani people and therefore are not supported by the electorate. -03B06-

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