Appeal of Journalist Considered

Baku / 12.05.17 / Turan: The Shirvan Court of Appeal, under the chairmanship of Alesker Novruzov, continued to consider the complaint of the journalist Afghan Sadigov.

As the lawyer Elchin Sadigov told Turan IA, the founder and editor of the site of acting in the Jalilabad region (211 km south of Baku), Afghan Sadigov, was detained on November 22, 2016. He was the author of a number of critical articles against the leadership of the district.

Sadigov was charged under Article 127.2.3 of the Criminal Code (deliberate infliction of less serious damage to health in hooliganism) and sentenced to 2.5 years.

The journalist rejected the accusations, saying that a provocation was committed against him in order to stop the criticism of the district authorities. So, in the reception of the head of the district administration he was attacked by a trained woman, and then the journalist was accused of hooliganism.

At the previous meeting of the Court of Appeal, it was decided to request documents from the ambulance hospital of Jalilabad. However, the documents did not come, the lawyer said.

"In addition, the acknowledged victim Aliya Rzayeva for the first time said that she underwent X-ray examination in connection with the incident. The court also granted an application for a request for X-ray images," Sadigov said.

The trial session will be continued on May 25. -03D-

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